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We know how frustrating it can be when your computer freezes or how difficult it is to follow up with all this new technology. We are proud to say that VoidSys is one of the only company to offer you support in the comfort of your house and in your language for way way less than our competitors. But wait! Just like your family doctor, you will also have your own family technician.

All Platform

All of our technicians are trained to troubleshoot any operating system Windows – Mac – Linux – ChromeOS.

All Devices

Printers, Television, Phone, Tablets, we’ll make sure everything is securely connected to the cloud and easily accessible.

Technical Training

Recently bought or received a gift? Trust our training specialist. They will make you fall in love with technology.

Family Technician

Get your very own technician on demand. They will get to know you and your technical needs.

Technical Support Plans

Stop spending money on over charging companies. Book now an enjoy in-home support with your dedicated technician. There are many things we can do in 1 hour.

Technical Advisor


Finding the best product for your needs at the cheapest price.

Assisting you with the purchase of a product in-store or online.

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Residential Plan


Windows / Mac / Linux / ChromeOS

Phone / Tablet

Printer / Television / Router

Setting all devices to your network

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Training Course


Get Started: Windows

Get Started: Mac

Get Started: Mobile Devices

Get Started: Office 2016 & 365

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